The Project

It is hard to imagine any park without park benches. But what does it mean to sit, hang out and spend time together in a public space?  In the project SUPERBENCHES, we want to challenge people to imagine a new type of a traditional bench, which function might not only be for sitting or resting. 

Designers from around the world are invited to offer their interpretations of an alternative bench that will be installed in the park, Kvarnbacken. The entries will be built as prototypes or test copies, with the potential of becoming permanent if they are appreciated and used. We hope that the bench installation will encourage a dialogue on what it means to sit, hang out and meet people outdoors. What can the park be used for? How is it to spend time there? In turn, the dialogue will be a valuable source of inspiration for the planning process on housing and public space that runs alongside the Kalejdohill project.



Invitations: May 2016

Contract signing: August 2016

Start-up production planning: September 2016

Production planning / coordination: September - December 2016 (including Site visits, conference (option), media, website, social media etc

Implementation: March - May 2017

Opening: May 1st 2017

SUPERBENCHES is made possible in collaboration with Felix Burrichter, Chief Editor PIN-UP Magazine, New York.


List of designers:

Max Lamb (GB)

Leon Ransmeier (US)

Soft Baroque (SI/AUS)

Märta Hägglund & Sanna Gripner (SV)

Philippe Malouin (CA)

Jonathan Olivares (US)

Li Naihan (CN)

Ifeanyi Oganwu (NI/GB)

Luca Cipelletti (IT)

Scholten & Baijings (NL)