Narratives shape new area in swedish suburb

Can a narrative create a place? The Design a story competition is investigating this very concept by collecting and compiling narratives on the Kvarnbacken district of the Municipality of Järfälla, a suburb outside of Stockholm. The narratives will provide the inspiration for the 600-800 homes that will be built around the locality. The competition is the brainchild of the Kalejdohill urban development project, which is working with projects in which art, architecture and design interact with people both locally and globally, and get them involved, in preparation for the coming construction at Kvarnbacken.  


”Could we begin thinking about public space by designing stories that could potentially take place there, and therefore design our memories or even the physical reality of the place before that space exists? This competition will focus on story designing as a tool for space making.”, says Andreas Angelidakis, Creative Director for Kalejdohill.

Design a Story is an international competition aimed at architects, writers, authors and designers, among others. The competition is open to everyone, and the language used is English. Entries in the form of a text and a storyboard can be submitted until 1 April. An international jury consisting of experts in architecture and design will select three winning narratives. The winners will be announced at a seminar on 28 April. 

”There is a great potential for storytelling in architecture, either in the recreation of our past or in presenting a new description of our own times”, says Espen Vatn, Competition manager for Kalejdohill.

Design a story is the third international competition organised by Kalejdohill to involve and engage people, both locally and globally, in the development of the Kvarnbacken area. The most recent competitions, Järfälla Log-in gate and Inhabitant Zero, attracted 330 and 414 entries respectively, from all over the world. Just as in the previous competitions, the aim is to bring new ideas and perspectives to the planning of the new residential area being developed at Kvarnbacken, in central Jakobsberg.


The winning entries will be selected by an international jury consisting of: 

Nick Axel, Deputy Editor, e-flux Architecture 

Eva Franch, Architect and Director of Storefront Art & Architecture New York

Jimenez Lai, Architect and Designer, founder of the Bureau Spectacular design studio, and member of the faculty at UCLA


Competition website:



Mia Lundström, Project Manager, Kalejdohill, + 46 (0)708-483 313,

Andreas Angelidakis, Creative Director, Kalejdohill, +30 604 488 2331,

Espen Vatn, Competition manager, Kalejdohill, +47 97779070,


About Kalejdohill

Kalejdohill is an urban development project aimed at making the area an attractive destination. Kalejdohill has been tasked with the development of the Kvarnbacken district of central Järfälla before it is surrounded by new construction. The project brings together the Municipality, local residents, architects, designers, builders and other interested parties to jointly investigate the potential of the district as a forum and attraction in the growing town. Local and international involvement is crucial for the success of the project.