From Java to Järfälla - ”The immigrant” will examine Kvarnbacken before the new homes are built

414 entries were submitted for the Inhabitant Zero competition, an art project aimed at examining the Kvarnbacken area of central Jakobsberg before the construction of 800 homes. One of the winning entries comes from Vincent Rumahloine from Indonesia who, for a period of one month, will move from a city of 1 million people in the world’s most densely-populated island, to a traditional little Swedish house in the Stockholm suburb of Jakobsberg. 


”The Immigrant” project will examine how it feels to abandon your roots and move to a totally unfamiliar place. Vincent describes the sheer density of life in Bandung, the town he lives in on Java, the world’s most populous island, and aims to investigate the mechanisms that are set in motion when a person tries to blend in, discover and live in a totally different place. 


In the Inhabitant Zero project, people from all around the world are given the opportunity to live for a month in a traditional little 1920s Swedish house in Kvarnbacken in the centre of Jakobsberg. The project received 414 applications from people across the world. 

Inhabitant Zero is part of the Kalejdohill urban development project aimed at developing the Kvarnbacken district of Jakobsberg over a period of two years. The promoter of Kalejdohill is the housing company, HSB Norra Stor-Stockholm, who are also financing the initiative in partnership with Veidekke Bostad and Einar Mattsson. 

”HSB has played a major role in the formation of present-day Jakobsberg. We now want to look at new ways of discovering what the lifestyles of the future will be. Järfälla is one of Stockholm’s, and indeed Europe’s, fastest-growing municipalities, and this is making major demands on its future development. Kalejdohill is a unique project involving ordinary people, artists and architects from across the world,” says Lena Lindgren, Director of New Construction, HSB Norra Stor-Stockholm. 

The winning proposal was presented at a seminar on Thursday afternoon, with the verdicts of an internationally recognised jury, consisting of Chus Martínez, Director of the Institute for Art at FHNW Academy of Art & Design, Ingo Neirmann, author, journalist and artist, and Joseph Grima, architect, Curator and Director of IDEAS CITY. 

”Local people in Järfälla may think it strange that over 400 people from 50 countries want to come and live here for a month. But the adventure of getting to live someone else’s life has wide appeal. Airbnb is clear proof that people really would like to get away from their own everyday existence and experience another person’s context,” says Joseph Grima. 



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All the winning proposals

”The Restoration Act”

This project proposes a collective act of mending as a tool to connect with people but as well a language to address the social. The idea takes into account tradition and history taken it to a performative social dimension. 


“The Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things, can you imagine that your old sofa is also in internet? The project proposes a different approach to anagogic objects under the logic of our technological society, all object can potentially connect and to discover a new dimension of the Mill bridging its pre-technological life with today’s media society. 


”Living in a world”

Living in a world that constantly stresses and praises communication, we need, more than ever to explore its contrary: silence. This project proposes to collectively exercise silence and meditation practices in order to create new bonds among the participants, but also among the place and its future. 



This film project uses the visual language as a way of both, fictionalize and document the area. Exploring different landscapes, but also approaching the distance ways the inhabitants tell and recall their life here, the proposed film seems a very adequate way to produce a portrait of today’s Jackobsberg. 


“The immigrant”

This proposal explores displacement as a way of setting up life into a new place. Migration, and the conditions of need that many millions of people are facing today are addressed here in affirmative act of moving here from Java, for a month, and sense the meaning of „just being here“.