French art project explores Swedish consumption

On 15 January, the first participant in the internationally-acclaimed competition, Inhabitant Zero, will be moving into a traditional Swedish 1920s yellow cottage, the former residence of the miller, Kvarnbacken in Järfälla, one of Stockholm's suburbs. For a month, as the sole resident at Kvarnbacken, the French artist, Coco Derenne, will be working on a project aimed at repairing the broken possessions of the people of Järfälla, but not restoring them to their original form.  


The project originator, Coco Derenne, was inspired when she read that the Swedish government was proposing halving the VAT on minor repair services.  By accepting the broken possessions of Järfälla residents and repairing them, Coco wants to explore traditional and modern repair techniques for different materials. But she emphasises that the result of her repairs will alter the function of the objects, and anyone who hands in a broken item will have to be prepared to receive something new in return.   

“Through artistic, academic and historical research, the project will examine repairs, not as an action aimed at returning an object to its original form, but as something else, where previous weaknesses and defects are not concealed”, says Coco Derenne.  

Coco Derenne lives in Vienne in France, and has previously exhibited at the Tate Modern in London, the Maison de la Culture in France and The National Gallery in England. Coco Derenne will be moving to the Swedish suburb on 15 January, and will carry on the project until 12 February. During this period, Coco will hold open house for everyone at Kvarnbacken. There will also be a final exhibition where anyone who has handed in broken possessions will be urged to take part in a ceremony where the new items are handed back to their owners.  


About Inhabitant Zero

Inhabitant Zero is a project under which people from all over the world are given the opportunity to spend a month living in a 1920s cottage at Kvarnbacken in central Jakobsberg, Järfälla county. The project received 414 applications from people around the globe. Five winning proposals will be carried out during 2017. Inhabitant Zero is part of the Kalejdohill urban development project aimed at enhancing the Kvarnbacken district in Jakobsberg over a period of two years. Kalejdohill is financed by the housing companies HSB, Veidekke and Einar Mattsson.



Mia Lundström, Project Manager Kalejdohill,, +46 708 483 313

Coco Derenne, artist,, +33 07 83 57 49 28