HSB plans 800 dwellings and a destination for visitors in Järfälla

Press Release  •  2015-12-17 11:39 CET


HSB continues to contribute to the development of Järfälla – right now in the centre of Jakobsberg. In accordance with an agreement with Järfälla municipality, HSB will develop 800 new dwellings around Kvarnbacken. Additionally, substantial investments will be made to develop life around the new houses, as the agreement is also the starting point for The Mill project.

The agreement that regulates the housing development and The Mill project was signed by the municipal executive board, and includes land for building 600 - 800 dwellings as well as premises for public and private service. An account of the agreement being approved, the municipality also commissioned the development of a zoning plan for the area. Kvarnbacken is centrally located next to the bus terminal and train station, and only a few minutes walk from Jakobsberg centre. This was where the old Järfälla mill once stood, and therefore it has a great symbolic value in the history of the municipality. Now Kvarnbacken will be given a new lease on life – long before the new houses are built.


The Mill and housings: developed in parallel

The name of The Mill project provides a hint of the local importance of the place, but also alludes to the project's international ambition to put Järfälla on the map as a municipality for cutting edge social development, architecture and design. The idea is to use temporary installations, activities, seminars and workshops to illuminate and examine questions that are important for the development of our future society and city. This is done alongside the actual planning of the housing project.

“We think long-term. When we plan housing we think way beyond the four walls of the individual homes. It is just as much about the experiences in the environment around our houses as it is inside them. At HSB, we initiated the ‘art impact’ in Järfälla municipality. The initiative focused on the importance of art in the public space. With The Mill project, we raise the bar a few notches, both in the short and the long term”, says Håkan Berg, Managing Director of HSB Norra Storstockholm and project initiator.

“Apart from more dwellings that will densify Jakobsberg, we are happy that HSB also shoulders the task of developing a destination for visitors, that is both central and close to public transport. It highlights the park and puts Järfälla on the map as a leading municipality in social development, architecture and city planning”, comments municipal executive board chairman Claes Thunblad.

With the agreement in place, the planned densification of central Jakobsberg continues, and Järfälla's position as the most expansive municipality in the Stockholm region is reinforced. The zoning plan for transforming Kvarnbacken is expected to be ready for approval by the municipal executive board in the first half of 2018.

More information

Claes Thunblad (S), Municipal executive board chairman, claes.thunblad@jarfalla.se, tel. 070-002 33 92

Mikael Åklint, Urban and regional development director, mikael.aklint@jarfalla.se, tel. 08 - 580 283 63.

Håkan Berg, Managing Director, HSB Norra Storstockholm, hakan.berg@hsb.se, tel. 070-865 48 24

Järfälla is situated 20 km northwest of Stockholm and has 71 000 inhabitants. Although it is close to the capital – 20 minutes by train or car to Stockholm Central Station – you can find almost everything in the municipality. Large outdoor recreational areas, Lake Mälaren, a rich choice of culture and associations, diverse businesses, attractive residential areas, shopping and a well developed service sector make Järfälla municipality a good place to live, work and enjoy life. Welcome to Järfälla!