330 applications for architecture and design competition in Jakobsberg

Kalejdohill is the project that initiates and carries out various activities to explore issues of urban development, architecture and design. The scene is Kvarnbacken in central Jakobsberg and the engine of the project is local commitment combined with inspiration from outside.

On 4 April, the Kalejdohill Project announced an open competition for those who are active in architecture, design and digital media. After just over a month, two weeks before the competition deadline, nearly 360 teams from around the world have expressed interest in participating. The competition participants will present proposals in various ways as to how an entrance to Kvarnbacken can be designed. The idea of a competition to create entrances to a venue is inspired by the People's Park and the social function that parks in Sweden fulfilled during the 1900s. The entrance to the People's Park was a central symbol, often portrayed in characteristic form that invited visitors in. During the 1980s, the People's Parks were less visited, people increasingly spending their leisure time in shopping centres, and in recent decades in communities and social networks.

“Does this development mean that we no longer envisage public space beyond computers and consumption? Is there a way to revive and update the social benefits of the People's Park as a model that fits our "screen-dominated" era? And how could the entrances to such a place be portrayed? This was the question we asked ourselves when we started to think about interesting perspectives on modern venues", said Andreas Angelidakis, Curator and Creative Director of the Kalejdohill Project.

“Kalejdohill is based on an interest in investigating various aspects of how cities and public spaces develop in an era often referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. If People's Parks were a response to the ‘Second Industrial Revolution’, then surely it is time to look at how venues can be designed in the Fourth one. Co-creation is perhaps the absolutely most obvious trait of our digital age. What does that mean? We start with Kvarnbacken and we do it by exchanging views with many people – to seek answers to some of theses questions", said Mia Lundström, Project Manager for Kalejdohill.

More information

Mia Lundström, Project Manager, Kalejdohill, phone +46 708 483 313, E-mail mia@mialundstrom.se

Andreas Angelidakis, Curator and Creative Director, Kalejdohill, tel +30 694 488 2331, E-mailandreas.angelidakis@gmail.com





Kalejdohill is centred at Kvarnbacken in central Jakobsbergsgatan to explore new forms of destination and site development – using architecture, art and design to engage locally and inspire globally. The project will run for two years and is funded through cooperation between HSB, Veidekke Bostad and Einar Mattsson. Within the framework of the Project, the possibility is also being considered of establishing a new architecture and design centre in Järfälla – one of Sweden's most expansive municipalities.