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Semimar: Curating urban development – with art and architecture as tools

Kalejdohill in Almedalen

Sweden is famous for producing a design movement tied to the design of society. But looking back on the effects of the welfare state, and the design movements it produced, how would we rate Sweden today? How well is Sweden prepared to flourish in the post-welfare state of the world?

The last 100 years of Swedish social innovation produced a society that cares for the citizen, but is it capable of generating citizens that are proactive and motivated? And how can spatial design participate in the social process at the time of constant social media? Public space and the sphere of urban development in Sweden today is exactly the perfect context in which to assign these new responsibilities to design and architecture. If you observe a public space long enough, it becomes evident that almost every citizen will attempt to make that space their own, either by claiming a piece of grass when they lay down a blanket for a picnic, or spraying graffiti onto buildings to claim them as their own. “Owning” public space is one of the ways in which the citizen acquires a sense of belonging. But when the architect or designer sits down to organize that space, aren't they also exercising a type of control onto that space? Aren't they making that space their own?

Keynote speakers:
Andreas Angelidakis, Creative director, Curator and Artist
Mia Lundström, Freelance consultant and Project director


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