The Yellow House

The Yellow House


Located on Kvarnbacken, close to one of the entrances to the park you’ll find a small yellow house. It used to belong to the miller. His or hers job was to grain the local wheat, and basically to feed the community surrounding Kvarnbacken. The mill burnt down several times and in the early 1900’s, so did the miller’s home.

Following the deliberation by Joseph Grima, Chus Martinez and Ingo Niermann, we are happy to announce that the 5 projects selected to be realised as Inhabitant Zero residencies are:


”The Restoration Act” 🔨


This project proposes a collective act of mending as a tool to connect with people but as well a language to address the social. The idea takes into account tradition and history taken it to a performative social dimension.

“The Internet of Things” 📡


The Internet of Things, can you imagine that your old sofa is also in internet? The project proposes a different approach to anagogic objects under the logic of our technological society, all object can potentially connect and to discover a new dimension of the Mill bridging its pre-technological life with today’s media society.

”Living in a world” 🌎


Living in a world that constantly stresses and praises communication, we need, more than ever to explore its contrary: silence. This project proposes to collectively exercise silence and meditation practices in order to create new bonds among the participants, but also among the place and its future.

”Documentary” 📽


This film project uses the visual language as a way of both, fictionalize and document the area. Exploring different landscapes, but also approaching the distance ways the inhabitants tell and recall their life here, the proposed film seems a very adequate way to produce a portrait of today’s Jackobsberg.

“The immigrant” ✈️


This proposal explores displacement as a way of setting up life into a new place. Migration, and the conditions of need that many millions of people are facing today are addressed here in affirmative act of moving here from Java, for a month, and sense the meaning of „just being here“.


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The house we find now on Kvarnbacken, was built during the 1920’s and is picturesquely surrounded by apple trees, berry bushes and a number of flowery vegetation in the spring.

Starting from October 2016 there are activities held in the house, arranged by the Kalejdohill team, such as a children's conference on imagined housing, a cartoon design workshop aimed at capturing the tales of the hill and the house, exhibitions and presentations of what the Kalejdohill project resulted in so far, planning process workshops and an information point on the future housing development. 

We are currently working on a program for the Yellow house – soon to be announced on our website, on Facebook, additional social media and in the local newspaper. You’ll find further information here. Pop in to make sure you don’t miss out!