Pop-up Q's

Pop-up Q's


How do you imagine Kvarnbacken in, let’s say, 10 years? How do you picture your own life in 10 years, what do you do then? Where are you? How would you like it to be? What do you think of Kvarnbacken?


Kalejdohill imagines a society, an urban setting where the citizens are involved and pro-active in the making of the places where they live.

52 boys and girls between the ages of 15-19 worked during the summer of 2016, to make the hill, Kvarnbacken, into a place where they, their friends, fellow inhabitants and visitors could come to play games, have a coffee, see a concert or just hang out.  Thus, a number of events were arranged such as racket games, outdoor cinema, concerts, outdoor painting sessions, senior citizen gymnastics and drum lessons. Even the police and fire department got engaged in the revival of Kvarnbacken, and came one summer day to demonstrate their equipment and meet with the inhabitants. All together, people started visiting this central place that has been left aside for quite some time. As one of the fastest growing municipalities in Sweden with 70 000 inhabitants, it was clear that few of the locals had forgotten about Kvarnbacken – they just needed to be invited again. 

Among the tasks the young workers were assigned was to interview visitors at Kvarnbacken on their thoughts about the place, how they imagine public space in general, about the history of Kvarnbacken and the future housing development taking place. Every activity, interview and encounter was documented, and the team behind Kalejdohill decided to use exhibition stands in the shopping mall to continue this dialogue with the inhabitants of Järfälla.

The information Kalejdohill gathers will be used to influence the parallel planning process of 800 housing units in its’ making. Kalejdohill are sure that there are perspectives that unintentionally will be left out, but with the help of the documented information, and ongoing engagement with the inhabitants, we think we are going to find out just what that may be…

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