Made in Järfälla

Made in Järfälla


The pop-up exhibition is ongoing and its’ content will continuously change to tell stories of Järfälla and Jakobsberg. Four vitrines will be placed on diverse locations in Jakobsbergs Centrum, with the objective to engage and inform the inhabitants about the local cultural inheritance, whilst also displaying what is happening now. 

”Made in Järfälla” is the creations and concepts from the locality that the Kalejdohill team selected based on nominations from the inhabitants. Objects or ideas that will be displayed can range from “The Bolinder Collection”, archive and photographs from the local historical association, newspaper articles on the fire of the mill, contemporary poetry, music videos, embroidery from local craftsmen/women, kids drawings of imagined houses on Kvarnbacken and so on. 

A series of small scale exhibitions will be set up in the shopping mall in Jakobsberg. They will be conceived as shows you could experience while waiting for somebody, picking up something from the supermarket, or just passing through on your way home.

These pop-up exhibitions will both inform the citizens at the same time as collecting opinions about the future activities at Kvarnbacken.


The “Made in Järfälla” exhibition launched mid October 2016.

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