We relate to light in various ways. We admire it, we are inspired by it, we are led by it and most importantly: We feel safe in its presence.

Often lights in public places are a matter of the latter and streetlights are placed along pathways and roads to grant both security and, most importantly to finding your way in the dark. Nevertheless, lights are more than a practical asset, as it addresses our senses in many various ways.

In May 2016 a workshop on lights was arranged by Kalejdohill and held in the shopping mall of Jakobsberg. Students from 9th grade in a nearby high school were invited to a lecture on the subject of lights in public space. The object was to inspire and together, hands-on, design luminaires with the purpose of putting the designs into production and place them on Kvarnbacken during fall 2016. In addition, a light designer was commissioned to come up with an idea on how to temporarily illuminate the entire park.

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The results were implemented and launched with a opening on the 30th of October 2016.

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