Inhabitant Zero

Inhabitant Zero


There used to be at least one inhabitant on Kvarnbacken - the miller. But when the mill was shut down during the first industrialism era in Sweden and then burnt down, the hill of Kvarnbacken has been left abandoned and more or less uninhabited.

However, with the ongoing development of 800 housing units, surrounding the hill – that is about to change.

But why wait for new housing?


The original millers’ house was, just like the mill, burnt down in the early 1900’s, and a new one was built around late 1920’s, painted in yellow and occasionally inhabited. Nevertheless, both the Yellow House and Kvarnbacken has been more or less abandoned for decades. Alongside the hill coming to life again with acitivities and projects introduced by the Kalejdohill-team, we would like to take the opportunity to invite the first temporary inhabitant to live on Kvarnbacken, in the Yellow house. The initiative is yet another contribution and tool for research and investigation. The objective is to inspire, engage and fuel Kvarnbacken in it’s making, whilst imagining it as a future home.



Call for proposals: End September 2016 - End October

Launch: First inhabitant Zero December 1st 2016

End: August 31st 2017

Other activities: A conference will be held early April on the subject of ”Inhabiting a place by creating it”.

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Call for submissions

Kalejdohill imagines a city where its current and future inhabitants are involved and pro-active in the making of the places where they live. Could you be the first inhabitant of Kalejdohill? Live in a yellow house for a month, produce a study, a diary, an investigation? Tell us what it is like to live in a foreign country, in a development before it is developed? Inhabitant Zero is a call for proposals for a research residency. An international jury will select five proposals, each for a month-long residency in the Yellow house of Kalejdohill.

The call invites individuals or groups to submit a project for their month-long residency and the proposal could be for a study of the surrounding area, a documentary of their stay, a research on the issue of inhabiting a place, a look into the particulars of Stockholm suburbia, an investigation of a public space in the making, an archive study on the history of Kvarnbacken, or anything: surprise us!

Inhabitant Zero is open to graduates and professionals from the fields of urbanism, Fine Art, design, architecture, sociology, migration politics, archaeology, literature and much more. We are looking for curious individuals or groups interested in how the world works. The proposal is encouraged to present how it would engage, involve or relate to the site, the house and the inhabitants of Jakobsberg and Järfälla.


Want to know more? Check out the competition website