Desire Lines

Desire Lines


The objective of this project is to experiment with “desire lines” as a tool in urban planning.

The entrances to Kvarnbacken, the SUPERBENCHES, the summer-café, the Yellow house, and of course, the surrounding area with schools, commute train station, swimming pools, training facilities – are all destinations in one way or another. Places to go to, or places to pass by.

A footpath is often outlined at an early stage in the planning process, and then executed on site, maybe intended as an invitation “you are welcome to walk here”, but maybe often perceived as the opposite - a demand: ”walk here!”.

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Is the planned foot path always the preferred route? How would the footpaths on Kvarnbacken be outlined if they came naturally drawn as traces of human activity before the houses are in place? How could an experiment such as the Kalejdohill initiative to trace human activity, influence the city planning process? How could future buildings correspond to where people already sat down their feet?

Desire Lines is an experimental tool to find ways to capture the inhabitant’s relation to public space, to built environment, to surrounding facilities, and most of all, to capture their imagination. During a six-month period, the Kalejdohill team will trace and mark the lines being made in snow and on sprouting green spring grass. Track traces, record them and inform the team of architects and planning officers working on the master plan of the area. As the program of Kalejdohill continues to present activities and events on Kvarnbacken it is expected that “desire lines” will change. ‘Desire Lines’ will be presented continuously on the projects website as well as in public space of the Yellow house and in Jakobsberg Centrum.

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