Design a Story

Design a Story


We remember places because of the stories we tell about them. 

  • “The sunset was amazing over Grand Canyon one eve in 1992.” 
  • “The riots almost burned down Syntagma Square in 2008.” 
  • “In Hong Kong we were Filipino nannies having Sunday tea in cardboard boxes in a space that was never meant to be public, but then it suddenly was.”

When stories shape our perception of public space we might assume that the spaces themselves generate the stories that we will later remember them by. Something in their design might trigger events that lead to human interaction or forces of nature joining to make a memorable moment. But could we imagine reversing that process? Could we begin thinking about public space by designing stories that could potentially take place there, and therefore design our memories or even the physical reality of the place before that space exists? The objective of this competition is to focus on story telling as a tool for space making.

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DESIGN A STORY COMPETITION was launched mid November 2016. Check out new on our website to be updated. Don’t miss out!


Call for proposals: Beginning December 2016 - End January 2017

Announcements of winners and exhibition: End of march 2017

Other activities: A conference will be held in parallel with the announcements of winners, end of March. On the subject of ”Storytelling as a tool for place making”.

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